POCO heavy attack to provide service to the small owners

      as the largest picture of the theme of the community, POCO has always insisted on doing the quality of the original content, the delicacy, pictures, photography, tourism, electronic magazine content has become the industry leader. The day before POCO began to force the content distribution field, officially launched the POCO website alliance, is committed to creating the optimal content China alliance, original content to provide the best for the small owners.

      POCO site alliance will be officially launched in August 31st, the small and medium-sized webmaster can access to POCO union.poco.cn quality content support. According to the relevant person in charge of POCO, compared with the traditional content alliance, POCO alliance will provide original content personalized space more and more to the webmaster, but also makes the original content in the search engines have more advantages. And POCO will be the next step to provide pictures, food, photography, travel, electronic magazine and other different plate content, the webmaster will be able to fully meet their needs in accordance with their own content.

(commissioning editor: admin03)

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