Mobile nternet Era PC nternet really do not have room to live it

2012, the industry generally believe that the Internet into the mobile era, in 2013, the industry forecast of mobile Internet will continue to grow, many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have moved into the mobile Internet industry, mobile application development and operation of a variety of mobile applications, so there is a wide variety of outsourcing companies, operating companies and mobile applications. However, the era of mobile Internet hot, PC Internet really do not have a living space to know as a grassroots entrepreneurs, want to enter the mobile Internet is quite difficult, and the biggest threshold is technology.

analysis: PC Internet is still living space

for the cause has not yet achieved large-scale success in small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, there is usually a problem still rings in my ears: PC Internet if there is living space? The author thinks that the most suitable answer to this question is Baidu, in the field of mobile Internet, was placed on the table of the result not to be able to Baidu, try to behave in the field in a complete mess, but missed the boat on the mobile Internet, Baidu is still live moisture? Considerable said, although the mobile Internet is very hot, but PC Internet still has a very large market, for a considerable number of people are still unable to leave the PC Internet, the classic example is Webpage Game and the end of the tour the game player, this is not the mobile platform and the PC platform as the place.


due to various reasons into the mobile Internet industry of small and medium-sized Internet entrepreneurs need excessive worry, because PC Internet still has a larger living space, in fact, as long as do PC Internet domain, then the income has been quite substantial. Compared to the mobile Internet, PC Internet has a fairly mature profit model and a variety of successful attempts, in terms of operation and profitability for small and medium entrepreneurs and not too much difficulty.

situation: Mobile Internet is a hot potato

mobile Internet really rise to now is still less than two years, in the field of all kinds of products and practitioners are still in the exploratory stage, in addition to applications and games for user fees, free mobile applications is still very difficult to find the effective profit model, so we can usually see a mobile application with millions or even millions of users can not achieve cash profit. Generally speaking, profit mode of mobile applications to take free mode is the most commonly used ads in the application, but the advertising benefits far less user value of deep mining PC Internet products in the same user scale.

The concept of

in general mobile Internet is hot, and some products have a considerable size of the user, but due to the lack of mobile Internet products try to cash in the field of mobile Internet industry, caused by a single profit model, the overall sum up only for user fees and placement of two, resulting in a lot of single profit model with a large number of users of mobile Internet business revenues due to being "

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