How to make money through domain parking services

first introduce what is the domain name service (Domain Parking Services) parking: simply put, is not from the domain where the money! (Domain Parking) is a kind of domain name automatically generated web pages for domain name system, web pages often contain advertising sponsored links; advertising sponsors for visitors to click and pay. The domain name owner at any time from the income share. Domain parking service allows you to make use of the idle domain name to make money, and you do not need to build their own website, to bring you a certain amount of revenue while increasing the opportunity to sell the domain name transfer.

which can be applied to the domain name domain name service? General domain parking services is the use of domain name brings visitors click advertising revenue, so under normal circumstances require you to hold the domain name of a certain visitor (traffic). Can bring traffic domain with excellent keyword domain name (, was included in the search engine domain name (, originally built the station name (, wrong ghost domain (, the same domain name suffixes ( etc..

The use of

domain parking services need to pay attention to what the problem? Domain parking services require users to click on their own domain name may not be advertising links or ask friends and relatives, staff or any others click on ads; can not use a list of news, a large number of electronic mail, Internet chat, instant chat, forum, classified ads and ask click on ads or trick, stimulate; do not use zero pixels, hitbots, clickbots, spiders, cgi-scripts, JavaScript, iframes, or transfer the traffic to another parked domain name and other similar methods of artificial manufacture flow, click.

choose what kind of domain name service company? silver, to support domestic traffic several domain parking company, the data is updated every few hours, more accurate statistics, better judge some of their own domain name can make money. There are 3 famous parking company the company together: suitable for the high-end domain name holder, you need to meet at least one of the following conditions: the domain name of each flow stream is large or the word.Com TYPO or more than 200 of not less than 10IP/DAY; is suitable for intermediate domain name holders, about 100 of the domain name can be apply to; for the primary domain name holder, generally 20 or more domain names are almost the same. Sedo (Search Engine of Domain Name) provides domain name

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