Google AdSense difficult road in China

recently, a large part of the owners to reflect a significant decline in prices, at least from the public to reflect the information is so. Of course, this is certainly not the case, but at this stage is an indisputable fact that low price. The main reason for this problem is probably Google AdSense Chinese advertisers less and less. But what QQ Delta, mobile phone calls like a liar advertisers can run rampant in Google AdSense.

said the following example, the search for rhinitis under the keyword Google only 2 ad on the right side of rhinitis. Baidu the first page is related to the promotion of rhinitis, there are more than 8 ads on the right. We also do not say how Baidu for money, at least now that advertisers like to advertise in Baidu), the same as other keywords.

in addition, according to some of my small range of investigation, our factory here like to advertise in Baidu, and there are few clicks on the Google advertising. These can explain Google AdSense at this stage a significant decline in unit prices. Also, I am now the subject of Baidu promotion gains far more than Google AdSense revenue.

added that under the Google AdSense Chinese advertisers to reduce advertising is not to say that the effect is not good to do in Baidu Google advertising effect is good, but not to keep up with the marketing team.

rely on the site to earn money how to do the webmaster recommend try the following 3

1, Baidu theme promotion

2, Ali mother

3, Adbrite

4, I do not recommend, but the introduction of the promotion of the virus station, very dangerous Oh, but the profit of the big scary.

from AdSense observation station:

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