2008 most practical gold rule

first statement, this is the eight principles of software testing on this industry, it is said that software testing, because recently observed around the monthly income of nearly million, is the basic software testing of this line, so in software testing, need to pay attention to the following points: < /p>

1 should be "as early as possible and continuous testing" as the motto of the developer.

2 programmers should avoid checking their own programs, testing should be done by an independent professional software testing agency.

3 test case design, should take into account the legitimate input and not legitimate input, and various boundary conditions to create extreme state and accident state under special circumstances, such as network, power supply and exception interrupt.

4 must pay attention to the test of the phenomenon of error concentration, which has a great relationship with the programmer’s programming level and habits.

5 must have a process of identifying the test error results. Generally there is a A test error, there must be a B to confirm that serious errors can be held to discuss and analyze the review.

6 test plan strictly, and the test schedule is as relaxed as possible, do not want to accomplish a high level test in a very short period of time.

The relevance of

7 regression test must be paid attention to. It is not uncommon to modify an error and cause more errors.

8 to save all the test process documentation, the meaning is self-evident, the test reproducibility often depends on the test documentation

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