Witkey pattern a combination of hardware and software implementation

is a kind of Witkey mode before the rise in recent years, is a representative of the WEB2.0 model, its theme is to let everyone can have their jobs on the internet. At present, the Witkey network is mainly engaged in two types of business, one is the network of labor, such as looking for someone, find the post website editors for Internet financial personnel and so on, is the equivalent of a network on the labor market, if you have similar tasks to be released, as long as the pay for Witkey and Witkey network, it you have to release information, many people find your contact Witkey, then you can choose one from among them, he is the winner, but also the capital of your task, the general class of Witkey station is to charge a 20% transaction fee, another past fry very prosperous a class of special CCTV station, reported, is the design of the website Witkey, is mainly a single platform for designers.

              if you have company posters or company LOGO or website need to design it, then you can release up tasks, then many designers put their works to the back of your mission, if there are you satisfied with the work. You will choose him as the winner, then you out of the task 80% of the cost of his commission for the task release, this model is far more than traditional advertising companies stronger, because of the low price, 100 yuan will be able to design a good LOGO, another point, that is the design sample. Your choice is. For designers, this is a work platform, as long as the design level of their chances of winning their own good, in this platform is very high, often even in more than 5000 yuan, a month income is stronger than work, the key is to design a large number of personnel work in peacetime in the process, and not so much work to do, so come here to pick up his private life, earn some extra cash.

Witkey mode so advanced, should be said that the maximum occupation of the design market, their propaganda is not enough, or the mode of the drawbacks of


an industry survival fate is not the management mode, operation mode is not, but in the business of customer groups, it is not a market, no customer industry, is not the survival space, because the bidder can bid, resulting in the task out of the price is getting lower and lower. Tens of dollars, a few hundred dollars you want to design a good piece of work, the lower the price, excellent designers to stay less, those who participate in contributors who are some design novices, and this leads to a vicious spiral, the price is more and more low, the work quality is getting worse, this is the law of the market the results of high quality and inexpensive the concept itself is inconsistent with the market rules.

so if you want to solve the Witkey’s survival, it is necessary to solve business volume and single piece price >

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