From Google to the stock market

  in March, when a post has been sent to do a summary of the GG Adsense – written in the income of $500 this month after the break, was reprinted several stations.

this is after my monthly income of up to $500 to write, and this situation lasted for three months. That is, during this time, I got a total of 20000 yuan through Google.
20000 small retail money capital is good, although the school of economics and management of stock market was born, I haven’t got a clue. Blue chips became my first choice. 10000 yuan (about) to buy 2000 shares of Bank of China, in the past two months, rose about 25%. The Bank of Ningbo and coincides with the IPO, I was lucky, 0.47% success rate should have a copy of my. Less than 10 yuan to buy the price, the opening will rise by a factor of 2, which makes this part of my own doubled!

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