Short rental housing site Airbnb financing 117 million valuation of 20 30


according to the relevant information of the securities and Futures Commission shows that short lease network Airbnb financing $117 million today, and ready to market. It is said that this round of financing is not over, is expected to total financing $200 million, then the valuation of Airbnb companies rose to $2 billion 500 million. Airbnb has received $7 million 800 thousand and $112 million investment in the previous two rounds of financing.

after the completion of this financing, Airbnb valuation of the company will be between 20-30 billion. If the transaction is completed on time, Airbnb will be the highest value in the history of short-term rental, low-cost rental website.

in June this year, Airbnb released a report that has helped global users on the Internet to complete the 10 million room reservation and housing sharing orders. Airbnb users to charge a commission of 10% profit. But Airbnb does not have the price of the tool room, if in accordance with the price of $70-100 per Airbnb, this year’s revenue should be between 1.68-2.4 billion.

with the Airbnb’s ambitious expansion plan, sales will continue to increase frontal lobe. At the same time, the company will obtain additional reliable income from each order. The company’s capital is strong or not is the key to further expansion of overseas markets. If the reservation with the rate of growth, including 24 million bookings this year, total bookings will reach 29 million. This is just a room to book such a service revenue only, no wonder to attract investors have come up with various branches of the olive branch".

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