Explore the premise of the site was profitable

Liu Ren said that the world’s most powerful business model is: selling cigarettes at the door, 3 yuan purchase, sales of $3.5. Think about this sentence, Different people, different views. It was suggested that the small business of the operability and necessity. Some people put forward to maximize profits, because saw a long time ago, already can test. The profit of a pack of cigarettes is more than 0.5 yuan calculated by Liu Ren.I now return to

the other China internet. Some people have a keen eye, occupying a very small number of people involved in the prospects of the field, that is, the popularity of the "blue ocean"". Some people put all their efforts on the study of the profit model, eager to find a suitable for their own cash flow patterns. Some people will focus on how to launch their own, all over the sky advertising. A few people in an honest do, too observant of conventional standards. one step at a time. Can not say who is right and who is not correct, we have their own ideas, have their own way of doing things. Each approach can be established in their own advantages. Essentially, the number has a large number of users is the basis of all left users, market, business model, marketing, technology, like castles in the air.

Internet computer is not communicated with each other, but. With people, everything comes naturally.

In addition to

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