Win and lose

As I sat in the reception room of the U. S. military command center, waiting for a brief statement on one of my projects, I stumbled upon a famous quote on the wall. "I’m too weak to defend. So I attack." The famous quote comes from Robert · E· Lee, a prominent leader of the North’s army, which he said in a strategy that led him to one of the many victories in the civil war. I taste this sentence contains the courage, and start thinking about Lee and his main rival, the federal army major general Mcclellan – George · the difference between.

whenever Li Jiaofeng and Mcclellan are the eternal, that may be the worst result is the most likely outcome. He was troubled by a pile of "if -". If Lee’s power is over me, what should I do? What should I do if Lee surrounds me from the side? What if Li Zaiwo comes back and is ready to attack Washington? What if my troops panic and run away? If Lincoln ordered me to do it, what to do? If the news media betrayed me, what should I do? "If – then" bothers Mcclellan, which leads to the loss of all the initiative. In the battle of Antietam, he accidentally got real combat plan Lee, but he still slowly react very reluctant to use his reserve, and then completely lost his own absolute advantage. Mcclellan’s fear of making mistakes and taking risks, leading to countless people’s lives, and ultimately shows that he is a loser.

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