Taobao customers also fly it

this is a problem most recently I asked, because many full-time Taobao super passenger station in the BBS, and then to 1-2 years later, found that this road will not think so smoothly, so I consult this problem. Today talk about this topic, the Taobao business, this sentence is not established, the Taobao customer is a business model, in fact, we prefer to say the Internet business, Taobao is one of the passenger flow in a good way.


Taobao guest, sounds good?

Many new

contact Taobao customers, are for this model sounds very good, no purchase, no service, no delivery, on the Internet, moving hands, as long as the extended address to consumers, they buy, Taobao customers can get a commission, actually it sounds very beautiful, is also a lot of people that there is no threshold, it also contributed to a large number of grassroots groups into the Taobao customer full-time, I personally do not agree with this kind of behavior, especially the "guerrilla" Taobao customers on the Internet know more shallow Taobao customers, these Taobao customers tend to lack of macro understanding, do things a bit of idealism.

what are you selling?

someone to make money, because he is selling products, some people make money, because he is in the sale of services. Taobao guest, what are you selling? This is the problem that most Taobao customers need to think about, what are you selling? In fact, the reason is very simple, what the user wants to go through here to buy Taobao.

1) sell content

content is king, you are not selling products, but the content, because the product is more than, but some unique content may only here you can see, we have a lot of examples before, which should be more about the clothing collocation, today it again, for example, a single piece of clothing display there is no advantage, because in is good, but if you select a set of cap-a-pie clothing collocation scheme, and gives the scheme suitable for what kind of people in what occasion wear, this is your unique content station, you will not sell clothing, but the program. Users because of the recognition of your program, and choose to pay attention to every day, meet with the likes of a single product or, you will go to Taobao through your recommendation. This is your selling point

2) selling platform is a platform, there are many sellers in selling goods on this platform, if you want to do a platform, you have to make and different functions, to meet the different needs of consumers, or users have no reason to stay in your platform, then go into the purchase when it comes to the platform had to say about, beautiful, there are a lot of people in the social business platform, because this platform provides differentiated service platform, the first is the vertical field, the second is to solve the user "sell what" problem.

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