Tagito sell wisdom into money

for those who have the ability to create original digital content, Tagito can help them to speed up publicity, so that more people know that they and their goods sold. It is also a new opportunity for those who believe in their own knowledge and experience. For example, you can spend $3.25 to buy a map of DeathValleyNationalPark, or spend $5.10 to buy the idea of reducing blood pressure (tipsforloweringbloodpressure), more perhaps you can buy academic papers. Indeed, the current Tagito specially related to academic subjects, business knowledge and health knowledge were classified, including 12262 academic documents, 12309 commercial documents, 5086 documents and other health knowledge.

sellers to install the Tagito program, display the sale of digital media is free, only when the transaction occurs, Tagito will extract 10% as their source of profit.

in addition to the use of the current popular concept of micro payment on the Internet, Tagito also integrates the functions of social networks, so that the knowledge of these documents sellers can better accept customer feedback and comments. As a result, you can establish a reputation system, as in eBay, Taobao after the completion of the transaction, as the seller scoring. For each category of knowledge documents, ranked at the top of the document, Tagito can provide 15% off of the incentives.

for the seller’s interest is to create a personal brand, Tagito plug-in embedded into e-mail, blogs, www.fangfumucai.com, social networking site SNS’s personal page, even as an online forum signature. Sellers sell digital media is not limited to documents, can be any form, any content, as long as someone is willing to buy, you can provide legal advice.

sellers interested in building their own personal brand can also be embedded in their Tagito items as a tool for email, on their blog on their social networking profile or as an online forum signature. Tables are not limited to documents – users can sell any form of digital media, they have their own production, as well as legal advice and other services.

Of course,

now, Tagito platform ideas are quite unique, whether there will be users, it will pay to buy those only download documents, pictures, procedures, such as plug-ins, the market has yet to be tested, but after all, knowledge is valuable, or can be used as a commercial mode of


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