Ma Huateng did you want to do business on 1 billion we died

is now the most suitable for the Internet era of Entrepreneurship: network infrastructure has become indispensable to people’s life, the potential huge user base; Tencent and other large companies to open platform business threshold to a minimum, only need enough good ideas and strong execution; social acceptance and tolerance of entrepreneurship is more and more high, facilities more perfect……

from another point of view, such a good environment, but also makes the competition between entrepreneurs more intense. Each entrepreneur dreams of creating the next Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, are hoping to build tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars worth of business.

who can win?


when you really have a great many of the business, and how to manage this huge monster

?There is no standard answer to

these problems, but the "Global Entrepreneur" magazine in 2008 and 2011 two of Ma Huateng’s interview, provided some very valuable wise remark of an experienced person.

interestingly, when it comes to entrepreneurship, Ma Huateng admitted that if he wants to start a business, but also dare not say that you can make a company like this size Tencent. In the situation of awe at the same time, Ma Huateng shared his entrepreneurial experience:

1 don’t set goals at the very beginning, but put them at the bottom. As long as the buried over their own Hom, naturally people will be distracted backward.

2 things to be seen as there is no user value, as long as things do not cost too high. Value, do not give up there will be a return.

3 products polished with a little, users will naturally feel your mind.


Q: if you start today, what will be done to cut into the Chinese Internet?

Ma Huateng: This is very difficult, at most, do a little software to satisfy their own hobbies. Can not be counted on to do 1 billion or how many billion, if we want to die so early. This will affect you every step of the action, then you will find a lot of small things are not done, see the server is not a problem, not nervous, always thinking about how to engage in 1 billion and 100, it is over. It’s a little bit of detail. Be sure to put the target to a minimum. Most people are faced with all kinds of small Hom with you, as long as you have been buried in their own Hom, the rest of the natural will be someone behind the distraction, then you ran to the front of others. Don’t be afraid of others more powerful, do their own, and their own than on the line.

in addition, the first thing you do is right, there is no user value, as long as things do not cost too high. Secondly, consider the product can not be more careful to use a little bit, slowly users will naturally feel your mind. As long as there is value, do not give up there will be a return. We are all such good products > cut

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