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Google Google, this is my a very interesting experiment, we all know that Google advertising has a Firefox browser, as long as we do a simple page, made of English, with Google advertising, advertising on the Google, to promote the Firefox page advertising. Access to the most expensive click on the need for a piece of more than three yuan per click, there is a conversion, the input of the three clicks can be converted into a download (a click of 1.2 yuan is 3.6 yuan). The ten click is the three or four download, a download is a dollar, the three download is $three, that is, $24, you vote only 3.6 yuan of advertising, so that there is equal to the income of $20.  

, for example, you often see this ad in other sites, is the webmaster so with Google earn Google money.

can be specialized to do a Firefox download page. And then sit back and watch Google bring you the money. But to remind you, you have to ensure that your download rate is relatively large. Google Adsense advertising alliance Guide

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