Google plunged nternet back into the winter

Around more and more young people are going to the Internet industry to run money process. China’s Internet industry seems to usher in a new golden period.

also has "China Google" said Baidu also by just listing price fell to $153.98 in February 11th at $48.50. If analysts predicted, Google king of the Internet crash, the Internet is the winter again?      

When Mr.

now more cattle in the Internet market, mostly without a few years ago the biting cold. The concept of China Internet stocks fell $1 in junk stocks. In China, text messaging and online games save them, and in the United States, search is the savior.

so when these concepts have become the past, no new things arise, the concept of the decline is sooner or later, purely rely on the concept of a Internet Co in the winter will come.

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