n 5 months Wangzhuan feeling


last November, the company began making the forum site advertising sales, I’ve never done, find all kinds of information on the Internet to see so naturally exposed to Wangzhuan, when contact after feeling good, really easy to make money, so are those ads confused, what day to earn a few hundred, easy money I, and so on, this person itself is lazy, so to see this advertisement is tempted, first saw XP creative advertising, this is called Ozawa guy, do creative station, is very simple, he said is really not so, boast, my heart, but no action but, after two days, they have risen in price, rose from 2500 to 3700, his online advertisement is to put 3700 using computer money earned 300. I believe many people have seen it! He and I made a bargain, said according to the previous 2500, he said, then I would sink, waiting for a good dream come.

I just catch up with the marriage, and e-mail contact, so it’s not convenient, a go fast a month before it ready for me, then I have learned a lot of things I Wangzhuan, see to my station is to understand the hilarious pictures station program, to tell the truth I feel very disappointed. This station how to earn money! And to online training, also has not seen the shadow, that is to make their own forum to see, the key is how to pull traffic, I did not succeed, because I didn’t do it, I think those methods that do not work, but also a lot of energy, now look like all Wangzhuan training is the content of this project, so slowly died, only occasionally on the station to see. This is my first investment in a higher, is also the largest investment. For this lesson, I feel great in their own reasons, made the new biggest problem is Yangaoshoudi, poor execution, he said that some people do 300 a day, don’t know if it is true, I want him to give me their contact, no reply, certainly some people earn, others can earn is that they do not earn.

then continued to buy several projects, certainly not stupid one thousand two thousand buy, buy some Yibaierbai, now want to also be silly baji. Should the predecessors of a word, nachulaimai project didn’t earn the head, so Wangzhuan newcomers to accept the lesson, not easy to buy items, or save money to learn some techniques, such as SEO, website construction technology etc..

more than five months, probably down, large and small investment is estimated to be more than 5 thousand dollars, but earn back to tell the truth, No. So I want to sink in the heart, why? Wangzhuan really is cheating? The answer is negative, why can I not earn money? I am not suitable for this industry?

in order to verify these problems, in order to prove myself, now I sink in the heart, learn from SEO, do stand down, then the previous data, video tutorials and so on to digest, can broaden their thinking.

I believe that as long as their own efforts, there is still a

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