Webmaster Mo Yan QQ group lectures on site operations

webmaster exchange group lecture QQ group 17770150  every night at 8:30 to invite grassroots elite speech website operators to promote profit experience welcome to join!
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lecture series

Lecture Notes:
runs a website, or let’s start from their own resources on the

also includes a number of hardware resources, such as servers, or space bandwidth

these are what you need to consider early, and assisted with the implementation of

here, to revisit what you do stand must choose their familiar field

cited the words "don’t take their weaknesses with people’s strengths to fight

choose to be familiar with, or is engaged in the field of industry to do this is the first choice of

also includes other areas in your field that can be integrated into a small range of


.. Can be referred to as "site positioning"

you do not match the field, so your online business will not do a good job…


as a manager he may not be a versatile talent

to achieve technical and business proficiency at all levels of the site. But at the very least you have to try to understand to be familiar with

many webmaster, or manager..

then you need to understand the knowledge you have not been exposed to

the most basic network marketing knowledge management (including the various parts of the team in collocation, recruitment and so on) can be set to the team and do expansion work independently, according to the development plan of the site to develop in each period, we must personally perform and supervise

here we divided the site into several levels

programming architecture website and beautify the page design and build various channels to create

operation layer:
here is your BOSS, you will set up a marketing team, your supervisor (I suggest that when meeting the best team for you or superiors to attend and participate directly in site planning)

location, you must plan their own profit model is the core of

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