nteractive advertising technology requires a higher threshold

last month, the international advertising agency (IAB) held a very successful conference on online user evaluation. I said that the meeting was "very successful" because the conference had solved some problems and promised to do some work in the future.

in April this year, the International Advertising Bureau sent a letter to the Nelson survey organization and comScore, the industry there is a big contradiction. Market developers have to judge the user’s online behavior through a number of assessment reports, it is now necessary to the user online assessment work to achieve a new, more transparent level. International Advertising Bureau proposed by the advertising research foundation, the American Advertising Association, the National Association of advertisers, publishers of magazines, American media evaluation committee, online publishers association and support animal protection association.

is driven by a number of organizations, online evaluation is moving forward. Nelson research firm and comScore organization agreed to provide third party organizations to assess their technology. The international advertising agency has also agreed to help companies to market and guide them to improve the accuracy of the assessment and evaluation of the team. This will promote the transparency of the number of advertisers and sustainability, and promote them to take the Internet advertising program.

now the question is, how do interactive media adapt to the growing scrutiny? TV ratings have been standardized, but prices are still heavily affected by weekly conditions. We have doubts about the credibility of the number of users available in magazines and newspapers. When media buying companies decide how to spend their money, they face a lot of questions.

why the development of online advertising will be more problems? Partly because of its own problems. At the very beginning of online media, we are constrained by the limitations of the network knowledge. We are committed to the end will know how many users read the ad, how many users respond to advertising, it seems that this is a breakthrough, in fact, this is only a starting point.

to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, in fact, is a positive and valuable by-product of our media. But today’s network technology such as AJAX, FLASH and XML, etc., can not make us a good assessment of user browsing. From the beginning to the end, browsing the web is no longer clear. At least, from the server to build records don’t see the point.

is even more serious is that we can not be optimistic about the content of the Internet user experience outside the browser window. Imagine how you can determine the authenticity of these spaces if you want to buy the media space you can’t see for a long time. In a word, this is a huge challenge. For the international advertising agency, the standardization of enterprise traffic is also very meaningful. It seems to be clear that there are two different ways to achieve the same goal.

we have to make the network better, more transparent, and more durable. But we must also understand that we are also faced with ongoing challenges and difficulties in this regard, the rapid development of technology is always faster than analysts’ analysis, we

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