Ten do not need venture capital to create a successful company

A successful

skills indispensable: sales skills

asked 20 successful business people who had the greatest contribution to their success.

if you interpret "sales" as the logic and benefits of a decision, everyone needs it. Because you need to convince others to agree with your ideas, to make the boss and investors think the project returns, but also to make their employees understand the importance of a new workflow. Therefore, the essence of sales is the ability to communicate.

if you master this skill, you will receive the following benefits:

· you will learn to negotiate

· you will learn to get along with others

· you will learn to stick to

· you will learn self-discipline

· you will gain confidence

successful entrepreneurs are spending a lot of time selling".

ten does not need venture capital to create a successful company

PlentyofFish: one of the world’s largest dating sites. The site currently has 38 million users, PV60 billion. Most of its income from advertising, there are hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gawker: This is a media property website established in 2002. The founders of the funds from the sale of their early companies. Currently the company valued at $150 million.

Storm8: mobile gaming company, is also the first in the mobile device to do the game company. Created by former employees of Facebook. Currently the total number of games downloaded more than 300 million.

TechCrunch: the most famous technology blog. Mike Arrington and Keith Teare was founded in 2005, and later sold to AOL in 2010 for $30 million.

these companies are founded after the successful introduction of investment:

Nasty Gal: a clothing supplier to sell the electricity business, the first in the development of eBay. Five years after the introduction of investment.

Braintree: payment enterprise, founded in 2007, until the year before the introduction of Sequoia $34 million investment in 2011.

Github: social coding site, founded in 2007. It was not until 2012 that Horowitz’s $100 million investment in Andreessen was made.

Indeed: job search website, after years of development, financing

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