What should we do to make money in 2009

flash has been to the financial crisis in 2009 years…… Many webmaster still in the profit and loss of lost contact again, really do not eat nor sleep well, so our personal webmaster what direction of development, to which the development of the industry? We go to the new year a simple discussion about the problem, than actually for the stationmaster of a lot of people this is a big problem about our livelihood the.

I think the first goal is clear, you want to do this station you want to serve the crowd is what you want to serve the goal of locking, you will know what kind of service you are offering, this is the first point. The second point is to do this type of station, because now the search engine is very convenient, you must do this type of website to search how many of these people, he is how to do, what are the advantages, shortcomings, and then you to correct it. With these two points, other technical aspects, procedures can be solved step by step.

then give you a few suggestions on how to make the traffic bigger. In fact, at the beginning of the time to do a few points, starting from the free. The first point is as much as possible and other website links (as for how to do my own, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot their tasted is the most clear), these links to bring traffic even if only two of the three, will Many a little make a mickle. The second point is the search engine optimization, because you have enough website links to search engine optimization also help. The third point I think is the exchange of resources, more than the link to build a channel. These are free ways. If you are a personal blog, must find a way to link with KESO, not only with the flow, and the PR value, but also with the brand. The three is the best way to be free.

finally when you do big enough, there will be a good income, then it is necessary to spend some money to promote the.

I think, although this is our personal webmaster also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but only continue to implement this policy, to the financial crisis through the years to earn milk money. From kongfang Wangzhuan forum http://s.www.zjlyol.org.cn/viewthread.php tid=117& extra=page%3D1


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