Taobao shares to create a day to earn five hundred no problem

often see everyone in the community do not know how to ask the station? I want to find a part-time job to earn a living doing what? You recently used DEDEcms program and designed a set of skin Taobao made a guest website Taobao Amoy hot shopping http://s., mainly to do women’s selling goods. Now share it to everyone, as long as you can seriously follow the steps to do, you will build a hot Taobao Taobao shopping site. Plus a number of mainstream website promotion, you will earn hundreds of dollars. Well, nonsense is not much to say!

a, site installation conditions

to install and hot hot ladies shopping like Taobao guest website, you must have the following conditions:

1, need a domain name:

2, need a space: the space you buy must be PHP space.

I use domain name and space has been in the Chinese name of Rid=79255, the price of domestic old brand host, cheap, quality not to mention.

two, skin template installation

1, go to the official website for free download. The DEDECMS

3, DEDECMS can be downloaded for free. Http:// installation tutorial.

4, after the installation, click the dedepf.rar to dedepf -> decompression, all skin folder Dede folder under the FTP upload to your space, cover your space directory folder.

5, from http://s.www. your domain name /dede/login.php to visit your web site background, find the interface button, follow the steps:

A, the main menu -> B, system -> C, database backup / restore -> D, data reduction -> E, began to restore data

6, data reduction, to find the interface link button, follow the steps:

A, the main menu -> B, -> C, a key update site

7, a key to update the site, the entire site on the hot and hot women’s shopping and the same as the Taobao site. The next step is to release your Taobao products and promote your Amoy

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