Google Adwords in the promotion of advertising Adsense constantly

      Zhou Guan set: Google Adwords Adsense

to promote advertising

      it is sometimes easy to make a policy, but it is not so easy to do the right thing when it comes to the real interest.

      we know from the beginning of June 2007 to promote Google Adsense rules have explicitly prohibited the use of online advertising Google Adsense products, but when we in Google search keywords Google Adsense still can see a lot of direct Google Adsense promotion advertising publicity.

      in the Google Adsense Support Center for " whether you can use online advertising to promote my referral ad " is explained:

      no, you may not be as specific and the sole purpose of using online advertising to buy traffic to generate conversion, except on explicit permission from advertisers, and their website meets the target page quality guidelines Google.

      why does this still exist?

      interest involvement

      although the prohibition of Adwords promotional advertising is conducive to the specification and development of Google Adsense, but Google still can not resist the temptation to sell from Google Adwords. So, to all passengers, all the money into his pocket.

      service personnel need to train

      of course it is also possible to Chinese service team did not know the details of this clause, because I have consulted about the terms of the service team, service team gave me the answer is " please provide specific links, " so we can doubt the service team or the service personnel do not know the provisions of the existing.

      no matter what the reason is, the use of online advertising ban publisher should prohibit such ads in Adwords, if the ban is other online advertising so clearly pointed out that if the execution of such provisions do not benefit to Google, then delete the clause.

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