Whether the value of the theory of experience Wangzhuan novice make friends reference

The theory of experience

Wangzhuan whether the value of the novice make friends reference, day to earn net very early to write this aspect of the problem, but also because the reaction make friends said is all day to earn some theoretical knowledge, unrealistic, cannot be our only criteria to make money. In fact, this kind of talk is wrong.

when we go to school to learn, practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth, then the day to earn a new friend to ask: "where is the truth from the conclusion." Is not in the practice of thousands of times in the end. First, there is a theory of truth, or, truth is the success of Guan Jian. That is to say, as long as we grasp the truth, then point the day and await for it success.

is such a day? The net profit can be very responsible to say, one day earn wrote the first article is not empty talk, it is we in this year is the heart in Wangzhuan, want to make novice friends want to say, every road is not easy, which I need to have kankankeke, not a problem, not found the problem and not solve the problem, eliminate difficult process. This is not a mature process.

online is the article has a lot of successful experience, they are not making a fuss, is their personal experience, to write the text for our reference. Of course, there is a two-sided nature of all aspects, all of their crystallization, but also through our subjective screening, if we completely according to their articles to perform, the results may make us very disappointed. Time shift, different experience in different stages of execution power, it needs us to integrate their ideas, improve it, and then for us to use, to achieve the purpose of making money.

here, the day to make money or want to say, practice is important, but the theoretical knowledge is what we must learn. Make money online is a long process, any success, are in every sleepless night, thousands of days, able to, it requires us to insist, we need perseverance, this is not what everyone can do, so there is a difference of success and failure of the I hope that we are a part of success in the day, the net profit will work together and we.

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