To expose the nature of the nternet lottery money online

Due to the recent

often have friends to find the station you want to put ads or want to develop the lottery station for the lottery agency, the station has to make a statement and analysis.

event: the station never played online lottery money, in September the station received a s.s.c (lottery network advertising), half a month or so to have a make friends complain that lost 500 yuan, said that this is a scam. Later, the site to find advertisers to refund the revocation of advertising, advertisers do not agree, and later on the ad marked the ad content and the site has nothing to do with the description. From this incident after the station declined all want to put the s.s.c, lottery net private lottery advertising platform, also declined to find the station cooperation agency.

online lottery to make money legitimacy?

we know that in 2007 December the five ministries issued a document banned Internet lottery behavior:, and many now popular network lottery money advertising, are in fact the lottery (black color), itself is not legitimate, operated by outside the server, to the development of agent and lottery by high commission. At present, private network platform lottery money in the network is very popular, because of the high public lottery lottery bonuses less attractive than the high explosive, the formation of the present network lottery hot.

online lottery to make money the essence of


platform currently popular on the web network lottery money advocate earn 50-1000 yuan, its essence is as acting through the development of lottery Juequ High Commission, but also through the lower level agents to increase the lottery scale and explosion.

"Ten Lost nine gambling" truth everybody understands, like illegal private lottery such by probability, the probability itself is not reliable, if there is no lottery as cannon fodder, they can not be profitable, according to the betting software algorithm: once continuously, will double the bet, no amount of money can not lose you. So essentially all of the lottery will finally lose, otherwise the lottery division himself money into the can, why hard to plan? The end can really earn 50-1000 yuan are when the agent lottery lottery agency and development division. This is why a lot of people think that the Internet lottery is the reason lies.

This is the

above is for reference only, the statements of a school, the station station all make friends, it is best not to touch this thing, first itself is illegal, secondly, last man must lose money. For this will allow friends to lose money in the project, the site is not recommended for the illegal profits.

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