Application Memorial die this does not belong to the true record of entrepreneurship


a few days ago, his last profitable project was offline, to say that is not sad is false. Just struggle, after a loss, I think, in the past few years of entrepreneurial experience in the end what has left me, and those who want to start a business, or is on the road to the people, what can I bring to them.

to date, no one has completely recorded the whole process of the beginning and the end of the business – I think that’s what I’m writing about.

note: I venture almost all products are open platform in Tencent, the following products to be introduced.

one, the first product "unrequited love notice"


introduction: help each other to express the user, when A told his application like B, B also told the application of his crush on A, then the application will give A and B to send a message, tell them the two love each other.

web site: search in the QQ space, Unrequited Love notice

total user: 3 million +

active users peak: 20 thousand +

at the end of April 2011, Tencent has just begun to open open platform, application is seriously lacking, coupled with the Facebook on the "crush notifier" instant hot, so I thought I’d moved to the Tencent platform will fire.

I am responsible for the background

at that time, a friend is responsible for reception, layout or reference of the bean, the weekend spent two days in the whole application development is finished, and then find a friend to help Xu logo, and propaganda figure painting.

After the

is actually very smooth on the audit on the line.

said, when the Tencent platform diversion ability is indeed very strong ah, although just a friend on the line platform, the application also quickly reached about 2000000 of the total installed, about 15 thousand active day.

at that time also played a big role in the logo map, I remember that many of the ads are free of Tencent, and "unrequited love notice," the ad click rate is about 10 times that of others.

however, because it was the first time that a product has such a large amount of users, so he did not know how to do the next step. With the popular saying is: "I and my little friends are shocked".

tried several profit models, including pay confession, pay to send gifts, etc., but the profitability is not very good, now think of the price is a bit too low. I was also later realized this truth: domestic users have a great feature, paid users and non paying users is clearly differentiated, paid users will not be priced 10 yuan will not buy, non payment of fees

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