How to choose advertising alliance

blog relative to the site, there are two more significant features, one is generally not high traffic, and the two is generally higher than the value of the page rank site, and easier access. As a result, there are some differences in the choice of advertising alliance and website advertising alliance.

blog select advertising alliance should be based on these two characteristics of the blog to choose. Blog alliance summed up the following six aspects, hoping to help blogger:

, since the amount paid yuediyuehao.

blog traffic is not high, it means that the blog advertising alliance to make money will be relatively less. This time, choose to pay relatively low amount of advertising, you can get faster advertising.

new domestic Ali mother in this piece is to do the best. Ali mother bound Alipay, even if you only earn a penny in a month, you can take it to the next month to remove. In addition, also held during November to September in Ali mother promotion activities, successfully promote a user to send 20 yuan. This registered Ali mother earn RMB, but also support the blog Alliance:

two, the more convenient way to pay better, it is best to support the electronic payment account — to support domestic Alipay to pay for the optimal choice, abroad to support PayPal pay for the optimal selection.

domestic advertising relative, or pay more convenient, bank transfer or Alipay basically support. But a lot of foreign advertising alliance payment is relatively complex. General advertising alliance to support the payment of checks, support for PayPal to pay less than the advertising alliance. Collection checks in the country is still a more troublesome thing, especially in some small cities, towns, etc..

three, the shorter the payment cycle the better.

in general, are on paid advertising, but there are also some weeks pay, even on pay, but also some of the minimum payment standards on pay. Choose a payment cycle is relatively short advertising alliance is relatively good.

four, recommended advertising is more suitable than click on the blog.

on this point, the blog alliance has written several times. Click on the ads a lot of time and can not be integrated into the contents of the blog inside, and for the recommendation of advertising, the content of the article itself is advertising, so more suitable for blog.

five, pay attention to the cost of advertising alliance / deduction.

this is also to be noted, for example, text link ads recommended fee is $25 per registered user, and does not charge fees. But with the text link ads, selling links is to receive 50% of the fee. And do text link ads recommendation is easier than selling links.

for example

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