The 25 day of the new site Wangzhuan experience

started doing shellfish are cool because first know Taobao, the Taobao help manager Wang recommended goods earn a commission model to attract people. In March 20th the site set up, using the Digg PBdigg program, specifically from the online screening sales or the end of a single foreign trade of Korean women.

initially set up Baidu anyway is not included, in the content, adhere to update the principles I have sent the article every day. After half a month, in April 5th suddenly included 45, and finally happy. We have a selection of women’s team, is the clothing to have features, or monthly sales of hundreds of thousands, or to the store on the short end of a single foreign trade. Due to the location is very good, paste out of things began to commission income, only one day in April 9th to sell 16 pieces, not happy. Adhere to the update to today, Baidu’s collection also quickly reached 98. Compared to a lot of experts to convert anything, and I do a rookie so that he has been more satisfied with the.

do stand for 25 days at the to master learned a lot of things every day to see the new article, in Admin5 and then to find the PR value high site exchange Links, optimize and update the site keyword density. I believe that in a few months traffic will be greatly improved. With Google advertising revenue, there will be more and more revenue.

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