Please don’t have no conscience and ad chief Lord

90 percent off Mobile Recharge Card recently in the online advertising everywhere, you go to GG to search for money, business is 90 percent off and nine in ten keywords Mobile Recharge Card advertising. Recently, the results of the network CPA also has a 90 percent off mobile phone recharge cards and the like. Da Wen also made a period of time under the. Read the 90 percent off mobile phone recharge card advertising now from GG, BAIDU and other major alliances to infiltrate the trend of small leagues, they must be making money, the more the more investment in advertising. How many friends who want to start their own businesses, with their hard-earned money cheated.

a lot of webmaster said, I didn’t get cheated, I do their advertising to make money? Don’t talk about what morality, we want to see the long-term future. A netizen on the Internet cheated, a mass ten, ten hundred, these users do not believe that after the network, is a serious blow to the integrity of the network. More and more fraud advertisers appear, there will be more and more Internet users cheated on the future of the Internet market will be a serious blow. No network integrity no more Internet users consumption, no more Internet users will not be the owner of our tomorrow.

webmaster, please don’t associate with bad advertisers, remove those fraud scam ads, but also a network of pure land. I have repeatedly sent letters to GG report 90 percent off Mobile Recharge Card fraudulent advertising, but it has not been solved yet, I hope more webmaster to send a letter to the GG report, so maybe GG will pay attention.

Fraudulent advertising on Baidu

more, lottery prediction, Mobile Recharge Card, stock forecasting and so on, may we put those advertising fraud main revelation, let more users know, don’t let good people be deceived! – Yifei Wangzhuan blog first! < / p>

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