How to break through personal movie website

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copyright problems after the nature of the entertainment, many movies, music websites have been closed, I love the e7w, 51dy and so on, in addition to the movie content restrictions, used by visual, auditory or temptation movie station seems to come to an end for individual station long movie website appears to be even more the winter is cold winter. How to break through the movie website? Personal movie website how to profit in tiny cracks?

1. how to break through the movie website?
in order to write this part, I interviewed some of the new movie website personal webmaster, and the free movie website yqooo talk the most, say his site is rough, or without a design aesthetic taste, but his movie website updates very quickly, "confession", "I was a battle of wits" movie where he saw. The point at issue:

personal movie breakthrough 1: film is not much, is the essence of

personal movie breakthrough 2: cancel membership
free movie website although many

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