Baidu once again included taobao com did not affect the survival of the Tao

recently passed the About Baidu included again raise a Babel of criticism of, Taobao, I also made some superficial analysis, the final conclusion is: slowly, do not worry, Baidu or by the past policy to do, and no real sense of the collection of Taobao stores, Baidu once again included does not affect the guest survival.

if Baidu began to include Taobao store, then the biggest harm is that we do Taobao guest, the living space will become smaller and smaller, the income will be lower and lower. But the fact is not the case, do SEO know Taobao is explicitly prohibited by the use of robots included Baidu, in the past is the case, and now still. You can view: But why Baidu is now included in the Taobao shop, it is precisely the two domain name of the Taobao bar, the argument about robots Baidu has such a rule:

some of the sites in the robots.txt set to prohibit Baidu included, why also appeared in Baidu search results


if the other site links to prohibit included web settings in your robots.txt file, then these pages may still appear in Baidu search results, but the content on your page will not be built into the index, capture and display, display in the Baidu search results is the only other website on your web description. For example, such as the famous lemon Green Tea Taobao shop, we try to try site.

In fact, there is only one record of

, is the home page of the Taobao shop, which is just the network to do the promotion of lemon green tea Taobao home page outside the chain, Baidu just show a simple home page records. Another example is Korea homes Taobao mall clothes, but also so.

through these we can predict that Baidu is not included and show details in the Taobao store, only included the home page, that is to say for Baidu, Taobao store is a shell website without content, Baidu now so much, so I feel for many keywords, Taobao does not store and our guest to compete, because it has no content.

network make money we need to have a clear mind, to distinguish between right and wrong, not because we see some so-called experts say Baidu included Taobao stores will cause the living space more and more small guest and lose confidence, failing to calm, to do data analysis, now rely on the network to make money by patience, is a sincere heart.

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