Look at several ways to make money in English website

Text-Link-Ads is a special sale website link service website, the link price is on the basis of PagRank, Alexa ranking, link number and link sale display page to pricing, half web publishers will get the sale price for the return link link, the station also has a English domain name tried: fixed $45 Houston

http://s.www.adssense.cn monthly knifeCondition of

adding Text Link


to apply to join the Text Link Ads and there is no special restrictions on the conditions, but to log on to your site to sell the link will be conditional restrictions page.

What is the

Text Link Ads and no clear explanation to sell link conditions, but by the relevant documents we can know TLA evaluation of a website are eligible to join with traffic (flow), theme (Web Publishing), ad position, and link (AD position) popularity (link popularity). Judge, which is based on Aleax traffic flow estimation index ranking.

in addition to allow TLA to perform properly, your site must support at least one server-side programming language PHP, ASP, Perl, ColdFusion. and can place a XML file in the same directory. Now that TLA supports Blogger.com’s blog, other free blogs may not be able to use TLA to sell text links.


sell text links Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads advertising model

text link ads should make some Google AdSense for this kind of keyword advertising very disgusting a little favor!? there won’t be any text ads you want the ads, also won’t destroy the whole site layout. As long as the webmaster text link advertising code placed in a conspicuous place, waiting for advertisers to buy advertising text, if advertisers text link advertising does not love you, the webmaster can also refuse to put this text links.


Text Link Ads advertisement is a text link, no what special place, webmaster can customize page layout to match the color. The TLA blog is also provides several forms of text link ads: Post Level Ads (single article at the bottom of the text links), Feedvertising (RSS in Feeds, but the form of text links) text link ads are required to make.

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