original forum propaganda method refinement above

Forum propaganda method refinement (above)

before I write a quick way to increase website traffic (1 weeks post 2000IP 2WIP). Today, the inside of the forum to promote the promotion of the way, write in detail.

forum to promote the 1 primary steps to find material published in your forum 2 for appropriate forum posting 3 version of how post top stick to publicity material to achieve the best results: 1 other: how to do in reverse domain name ID IP blocked the situation. 2: professional website how to use the forum to promote.

A: how to choose good publicity materials

if you can find a very good material for selling, behind you start work a lot easier, it is especially important to choose good material in the forum propaganda steps.

by practice process of their own propaganda, feeling good publicity site, Forum promotion process, the most important point. If you go to the local publicity, popularity is very low, a few online version of the area, even a few days post. Your material is good, then skilled post skills are not used. How to find a good publicity site, and I would like to say how they used to look for.

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