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The successful start-up companies

Homejoy as a focus on domestic service, one of the founders of Adora Cheung brought us a business need to pay attention to the twelve character principle of "making products, communication with the users, grow". As the saying goes, from outside the box. Let us look at Adora Cheung for startups to quickly attract users of

wise remark of an experienced person!

thank you for your invitation. Today, I will talk about how to develop into a large number of users from zero users. I think there must be a lot of ideas on how to increase the amount of users in your mind now and how to do it next.

many of my speeches are based on a lot of mistakes I made in the past. As Sam said, in 2010, I entered the YC field, three years and spent a lot of time. In the end, I learned that after Homejoy, if you want to create another venture company some taboos. Failure gives me a lot of experience and insights, understand what I should not do, and then use them to sum up what you should do.

to give you a piece of advice, you should take the initiative as a guide. However, each enterprise is different, there are differences between you and me, therefore, please keep in mind the specific analysis of specific issues.

find the problem, become a problem solving expert

when you decide to start a business, you should spend a lot of time focusing on entrepreneurship. But I’m not saying you should drop out of school or quit. I mean, you should have time to concentrate, so that you can focus on the concept of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial problem solving. For example, if you’re in school, you’d better concentrate on 1 or 2 days a week instead of focusing on the idea of a business day instead of a day or one or two hours. It’s like coding. Because there are a lot of environmental change in the business, focusing on immersion is very important.


first wrote this lecture, I was thinking about what the easiest mistakes people make when they start a company. I think the biggest problem is that early entrepreneurs have the following idea: I have a good idea, but don’t tell anyone else, only of their own construction to improve the growth and then tell one or two people, and then released to the TechCrunch or other similar sites, then waiting to win a large number of users.

but the only thing that happens is that just a few people visit your site, you don’t get the initial user feedback, there is no resident. If you have some money, you can buy to some users, but it is not a permanent solution, you will eventually give up. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’ve done this before in YC. But after leaving the YC, I have 21 products have not been released, but did not release in TechCrunch, such as some of the things you think should be the place. Of course, you don’t want to get into this

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