What kind of friend chain will put your site into the downhill

snapshot is not normalOf course, now

the frame structure of the search engine.


is not to say that can’t do the inside pages link, if the other pages within the website weight is very high, it can be considered. If the website of the other side + the weight of the inside pages included is not too good, even better than you, and he must not change each other, promptly said as if it were raining flowers.

2 cross link

industry Links belongs to high quality links. Of course, some industry relatively unpopular, looking for appropriate links to related industries is relatively trouble, only in exchange for some good links. Because now the search engine more and more intelligent, so this Links will be greatly reduced.

, of course, a new station can rely on this way for short-term rankings and flow, then? I do not have to say, we can think of. So I do not recommend you cross link.

links for a lot of friends ignore one, I cheated, so will pay particular attention to whether the jump to see each other website source code in the code.

robots files can be directly blocked the search engine, if the other side of the Links page with robots, then the equivalent of one-way links to each other to do.

3 page link

1 Links over

4 with nofollow

7 JS

chain code to cheatWhen

8 with robots rules

has canceled the love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, prior to the time when I only in exchange for a snapshot within a week, like a snapshot in a long time before the station, never change. Now there is no such concerns, however, when change the link must also look at the update time, like every good long time to update the station, spiders are not usually go, then exchange with him also do not have what meaning.

5 is not related to link

exchange Links requires careful consideration, otherwise it will affect our website ranking. I have summarized several points to share with you. Of course, this is my friendship in exchange the factors need to be considered, if there are missing what place of.

nofollow tag for Shanghai dragon is not strange, he will stop the other weight transfer. On the other side of the website in the source file can check whether containing nofollow.

if the other side of the chain, in his weight high also do not exchange with him, like a watermelon, the more people, each person can get less. So when the exchange chain also need to pay more attention to the other side of the outbound links.

frame 9 frame link

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