n the construction of the chain of six common bad habits

as a qualified builders of the chain, we must know what we need to do, but a lot of the time, the site administrator than we know better. They understand their readers, and he.

, the construction of the chain mail to you request a site administrator to send, and soon received a reply, in preparation for the customer to link hang, the second time you review this website, the people are shocked. The data of the website are good, but the content structure on the difference was hard to imagine that many web pages are not open, that is to say, this site is no longer included noble baby.

let us head may be, the construction of the chain has entered the negotiations and the webmaster link, when I snarled, how can we build the chain in this website, the website administrator may have shame, but when people do not sue, he may be a threat we say, will we take this message to inform our customers dereliction of duty.

this is wrong, I can not tolerate.


4. is not willing to listen to the webmaster "advice"

websites will have a page for the business direction, that is to say, what they do, what not to do. If they don’t do text links, and you need to do is text links, so this kind of website is not suitable. If they only do ZhengZhan links, and you just want to push a particular article, it is not suitable for this kind of website. If they say, don’t bother with any form of external links to us, so don’t send email to their external link building.

I went over in the brain, and our communication process these valuable links webmaster, most of them in communication at the beginning, had sent four to five mail.

is a part of the population, only in second or third times to receive your mail, will reply. Just now, I glanced at the last month we have done for the customer value of the link, I have to say, set up nearly 20% of the links are required due to the administration of the site tracking.

The hypothesis of

I’m not saying that you all need to contact the site administrator, and instead, you need to keep track of.

2. to a website to send the chain mail to the construction request, a web site do not review.

but I’m good at avoiding such problems. In short, wide and net construction of the chain, not desirable.

3. do not read the website about us page

do you feel shame for you to set up the chain of bad habits? Sometimes, I will, sometimes our team will. In repeatedly reminded the team in the chain in the process of construction, do not make unnecessary mistakes, I think I need to write out these years encountered common problems in the construction of the chain link.

1. does not track

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