On the cash flow into Shanghai dragon skills

here to share a specific operation case. At present, Mr. Jimmy Lin’s skin care products is absolutely Internet popular at present, celebrity effect is very prominent, it is this celebrity micro-blog let me understand the specific operation method in this case. When I came to the Taobao store, the store’s customer service staff let me join their group, this group is very active, many women friends where to discuss how to skin care, after a study found that this group has as many as 50 groups, and each group has more than 800 people, these people will continue to participate in the discussion of the results to attract more people to buy, but also to him by discussing these personnel to quickly cut into the search keywords.

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how can find the potential to optimize the flow of Shanghai Longfeng superior liquidity keywords? Communication is the most important way, for example, you can participate in the Post Bar, love Shanghai QQ group and other types of social website, look at some others to discuss the topic, especially pay attention to the content needs some clothing or other industries then, based on these discussions to unite the keywords, and through the Taobao index and Shanghai index of love, look at the values of these keywords index about what the scope, if the competition is relatively small, so it can be used as guide to achieve targeted keywords.

of course here cannot do without the exchange between group and group members, such as when a new user joins the group, through the popular way to explain the effect of skin care products, and put forward the corresponding keywords, and pointed out that the skin care products where there are sold, in fact it is to guide users to search using the keywords. Of course, if the group has put these keywords by way of optimization of Shanghai dragon web site for the ranking, and put on the official website of the words, then the group members through the search way again to verify the authority of the main group recommended, but also to highlight the main knowledge in this authority. In order to enhance the credibility of the group.

I think we should start looking for the needs of users, we can not do Shanghai dragon to be a powerful and unconstrained style, only the combination of web users demand, can better be obtained Shanghai Longfeng traffic into cash flow. For example, in a fashion market, love lady with cap t-shirt by female consumers, but in the Shanghai dragon has no corresponding keywords, then with the help of Lady T-shirt with cap this keyword can many more positioning users, Shanghai dragon optimization effect will be more obvious.


we do Shanghai dragon the ultimate aim is to make money, enhance the site’s ranking is just a way to make money must go through. But many webmaster friends in the website ranking and money are formed a very difficult to break through the bottleneck, although the website ranking, but it was not able to make money, which naturally makes some webmaster friends disappointed. So how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect realized for

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