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clearly, Apple, as the world’s most valuable company, is worthy of the name of the real money machine and the business empire. Apple’s marketing does not seem to have a conservative secret zone, especially after Tim took Apple from Jobs, and if so, they should also be in Apple CEO brain cells. Still, both sales representatives, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, product managers, and Internet entrepreneurs want to study marketing for Apple. As the first Chinese sales letter writer and founder of the Win operating system network marketing marketing general, 5 Marketing Secrets of Pujiang wrote and share Apple, is my personal long-term study of Apple marketing channel essence version.

, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs: Hello, I am general marketing. Really, is that going to be the marketing of Apple,

  at present, et and many suitable software promotion site to form a strategic partnership, including the exclusive agent of thunder software industry advertising, and Hua Jun software park, software download, Pacific channel, download, download, extraordinary flying green download, download the full range of the famous download station reached a strategic cooperation, and become the the exclusive advertising agency or BANNER advertising agency. Continued development so far, the union flag has more than 30 thousand individual stationmaster members, and in the rapid growth. With the development of network software industry mature and popular, the network software company more and more products will be delivered to the network marketing company specializing in advertising, network advertising continued to enter the software industry advertising, marketing field, I believe will promote Chinese network software to make the corresponding contribution to popularization.

  the surging situation, hidden great pressure of competition. Further improve the market, means that competition will also be further improved, how to form effective competitiveness, software companies looking for the right way out. The new online advertising has entered their field of vision, and the network has the characteristics of fast and cost-effective. At the same time the network audience to a large degree on some common application software with the target customers, is suitable for software enterprise advertising. Advertising agency in the software industry is a great development of the market. It is seen by the huge potential for development in this area, and easy network advertising itself great media site resources, expo-plast began to enter the software industry, professional software company products, product analysis, product planning and product of media promotion and other services.

Apple there is no doubt that the real marketing may be more exciting than the general marketing and you share the Apple marketing channel. The essence of marketing general road extraction Apple marketing and refining into a concentrated, just hope these thoughts and thinking of you to create a money machine, to create a business empire of inspiration and enlightenment, and then copy the success of Apple. And now my biggest wish and the only requirement is that you and everyone around you to share this article and e-books, whether they are down or on the Internet, but also can access the PI marketing website to share ideas, opinions and comments on you, in order to upgrade again and more common secret to explore Apple marketing in the way. Of course, certainly true secret Apple makes money machine to create commercial empire not only the general marketing share with you the 5, you can visit the website to buy WIN or PI marketing network marketing operating system DNA version of "marketing tips" to learn more marketing tips.


yes, I found a desire and passion born with a lot of marketing method can make any company can inspire people to share products and enthusiasm, desire and enthusiasm of these maneuvers to how to make millions of consumers to buy you the irresistible power of products. In fact, the above situation and accurate matching of the Apple company, fully deserve no other history, any company can more than Apple to use the marketing power to play the most incisive, and now, you can also take the stone of its mountain of own jade.

that’s true. People always buy products that they don’t own and others own.

watch Apple iPo> carefully


  et network advertising is now a professional engaged in Internet advertising, Internet marketing services company, is currently mainly advertising, advertising, interactive marketing and other products and services, focusing on research and development of online advertising, media planning, creative integration in the spread of accumulated rich experience. Special advertising network, currently has SKYPE, REDVIP, cat’s eye, UUCALL and many other Internet software products for the promotion and service of success.

, enjoy the marketing of Apple now,

1. doesn’t sell products. People always buy what they don’t own and what others have,


      twenty-first Century is the information age; the current software industry is surging forward. In 2006, China’s software market maintained a fast and steady development, with annual sales of 66 billion 516 million yuan, an increase of 17.8%. The value of software and its huge radiation and driving role will receive enough attention from all aspects of society. With the development of the Internet, software has become increasingly close to the network.


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