Love Shanghai and Chinese search search the students of science and arts students

search users search behavior more clearly. When searching, is embedded in the portal site, which indicates that the user is the main information search. But since the love of Shanghai independent, complex search requests. Including product, service life, business and so on, that love of Shanghai has become a comprehensive search engine. But in the past ten years, there electricity providers, portal website, video website platform, love Shanghai search the user has split. For example, if we want to go shopping, no longer love Shanghai but directly into the Taobao search. We see the video, go directly to PPS or Iqiyi. Stay in Shanghai love search, once again returned to the information, in other words, the user search search search behavior more clearly, but not without purpose.

ten years ago, a successful Internet products. Ten years later, and then do a similar Internet products, whether successful? China on-line search is trying to answer this question. We do not discuss the success. One thing we can be sure, that is: the Internet for ten years, ten years is rapidly changing. No other industry than ten years. So, to make such an attempt, has been impossible to do a product as like as two peas. So, Chinese search is not a replica of the Shanghai love, nor in imitation of love Shanghai, but belong to different backgrounds and resources, two times to teach a student.

this three big environmental changes, once let love Shanghai is not suitable, even to try to change the external changes. In the face of search users to reduce the dilemma, the sea will fall in love with user behavior segmentation, launched a music encyclopedia, etc.. In the face of multi platform, love Shanghai has been trying to adjust algorithm.

platform: diversification search platform. As I said, the Internet ten years of development, the diversification of the parallel platform, a platform is no longer a single large, can be all inclusive. Don’t say love, cut 360 Shanghai direct competition platform, we go shopping, we go to the entertainment Jingdong Taobao, mop贵族宝贝, Katie, and so on.

It is through the

information release: release behavior of enterprises weakened. Love Shanghai’s core assets can every day to collect large amounts of content resources free from the whole network. Take the source of portals, media sites, business sites and so on, after adjustment algorithm increases the micro-blog, community and other sources, in the past ten years, to provide content for the love Shanghai groups have changed. From the enterprise station source, content creation power weakened, because the love of Shanghai promotion effects on weakening. A new source of love is hard to be included in Shanghai, for example, from the media, they gradually become a force for content creation.

search environment ten years change

search: Shanghai

science students love

search platform to connect the information demand and release, so we talk about search environment change, also is to discuss the changes of three related parties. That is, the user search platform and publishing information.

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