The local wedding photography industry website how to do optimization

with electronic commerce, information explosion era, some local industries have begun their faces in view of the present situation, network marketing, want to quickly occupy a space for one person in the era of electricity providers. But often these industries come in, will face many problems, perhaps accustomed to traditional business, not very good at network game, so the author today is around the local wedding industry website how to do optimization, wedding photography industry recommended reading, he also hope that the industry readers involved, you can extrapolate.

second, will have a bad effect on the enterprise network brand.

we do when the site, on the premise of not affecting the appearance of as much as for each picture is a " ALT" attribute, such, the spider come visit web sites have to crawl content, not to leave your site included, you can talk about the ranking, to talk about traffic, "

third: the picture without the "ALT" attribute, and no text with pictures.

so how do we do? First of all, in the analysis of a website title, especially on the website of industry competition is more intense, maintaining the status quo is the best way, not too much in pursuit of short-term rankings, should be integrated network brand maintenance, key word positioning to locate the site title, remember not to repeat, this will damage the business reputation, and if the optimization properly will be search engine punishment.

: the first wedding photography industry website title is too complicated.

as we all know, the local wedding photography industry website is a high degree of competition site in first-tier cities, search for relevant keywords, there will be a lot of the auction service, the industry competition is very fierce, as everyone knows, the wedding photography industry website requires a lot of pictures to show clients. And the site in art should be very beautiful, it is also the basic requirement for the website owner many wedding photography, but for the marketing concept, also seems to be a little. The author also observed many sites, and draw some conclusions.

wedding photography websites usually rely on pictures to attract attention, but some sites only in the pursuit of visual effect, ignoring the search engine included this. This is also the moment of defects of wedding photography websites.

I think the fundamental concept of the reasons is the enterprise and Shanghai Longfeng company fully understand network marketing, that is to say simply that the search engine technology is to locate the title. The headline is longer, the better ranking! Bosses would have on Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not very understanding, then tell the network company to give me what to do, the network company in order to collect the money, do not consider the long-term development of the website, and then rely on rapid access to money and leisurely way of ranking business owner, to tell the truth, now this simple on the title to do the ranking method if the algorithm updates, will die very miserable.

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