Keywords blood lesson changes must be careful

just a week later, acne products list 10 strong back home, but the acne products have fell by one page, want to love Shanghai really hard ah, so treat an old station, a long time to modify a keyword, but the magnitude is very small, just changed a word. But more important is I have a lot of long tail keywords, it makes me sad, needless to say there is no new keywords to do a ranking.

on the second day, I get up early in the morning to see the snapshot, happy no surprise to me (I have updated snapshot before is always the snapshot), but when I was glad, I checked the keywords, yes, I secretly glad keywords ranking didn’t decline. However, snapshot keywords! I think this is a sign of love Shanghai right down.

just one day later, and finally to the big update to love Shanghai, I know that this is not heaven or hell, if not, the latest snapshot still, but two words acne products list 10 strong and acne products fell to the second page, my heart pull pull cool cool, very disappointed, but at the same time didn’t fall behind very soon, his psychological thought will be good.

is sad but not solve a thing, recovery is the key, so I set myself a goal every morning and afternoon to update the contents of the article, as a part of the forum and the chain blog every day, for a week to write two article, this week is my stick for second weeks. Keywords acne products now list 10 to sixth, but is still not back acne products, see new keywords disappeared in more than 300, other long tail keywords still no trace, I really do not know what is a good way to solve, I want to insist on the content and the chain will be better again, if there is good progress. I will continue to share with you, and I this lesson also remind you that when the amendment must be very cautious, even if your site is the old station. Thank 贵族宝贝fjzx.5d6d贵族宝贝

in contributions!

a lot of people know that website keywords must be careful, but still hold on a psychological change, but through the example of my own I want to tell you if it is not forced to modify key words do not, my site is Taobao guest acne products, has been an old station, including acne products list 10 strong, anti acne products into the love of Shanghai before 5, has been very stable, but stable for a long time, IP has been unable to break through, income has reached a bottleneck, suddenly one day suddenly saw a kind of acne words Key words index is very high, so my hand itch, I really hold the psychological luck and that he is the old station should not be a big problem, so I changed it. Here I talk about the revised consequences:

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