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clients often ask Lang Shanghai Longfeng optimization, which can quickly improve website rankings, originally did not want to answer these questions, but ask one giant, just to share some of my personal in website optimization method to improve the site collected and ranking, hoping to answer about the website included and ranking method to improve certain customers.


1, the appropriate proportion of the original and reproduced in Shanghai Longfeng optimization or >

improve the site included and ranking method of

for such a platform, every day a lot of replication information in peer repeated paste website, search engine will give a good keyword ranking? Included in the site will improve? Today is whether the domestic search engine boss, love Shanghai, and rising 360 or search, Sogou search, search according to the spider web content originality recognition more and more high, for the original content website, good quality platform will give priority to collect and rank, and for a large number of cyber source acquisition platform in the rankings and included, there are more limitations, even if this website has included or included does not have a better ranking this kind of website, you want to get a better search traffic and brand exposure is difficult.

with the pace of development of the Internet today more and more quickly, more and more enterprises and individual owners also pay attention to the importance of the Internet for business and personal brand promotion, strengthening the establishment and promotion of personal brand and enterprise website constantly, so as to enhance the understanding of the website of Shanghai dragon to optimize the development of this industry, constantly to improve and enhance the optimization of the site, hoping to obtain a better brand display and get more traffic IP. The site you want to get a better brand display and the flow of IP resources, the most important thing is cannot do without your search engine rankings and to search, what method can improve website rankings?

in addition to the station to strengthen the original mentioned above, and want to improve website rankings, there are many ways to A Lang, Shanghai dragon optimization to introduce several points to help you improve the site included and ranking.

many do Shanghai Longfeng optimization practitioners or website editor, there is such a common problem, every peer copy and paste information or batch collecting competitor released content information, and then the appropriate proportion of modification is released to their company website or personal website. Even some Shanghai dragon er or website editor is basically the collected articles are too lazy to change, directly responsible to release their own platform. Every day release homogeneity and other content platform, causing the site collected and ranking is not to mention high keywords, get good rankings.


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