How to deal with traffic suddenly abnormal decline

So ?

flow down we can see it from where? Some of the webmaster tools to see, some are derived from site statistics, some from Webmaster Platform in learned. Here no matter where found, we need to first determine the normal fluctuation or really abnormal flow down.


check whether IP or UA Ban Ban, of course this is the site do not want Baiduspider to visit, only need to shield (forbidden from all love Shanghai: User-agent: Baiduspider Disallow: / grab), if you want Baiduspider to access your site, if there is a Baiduspider UA useragent related settings, and modify them.

, to see whether CDN can access

website traffic anomaly down we should do


three, detection of website security problems


anomaly Two, check whether the file

CDN is not accessible, it will undoubtedly cause abnormal flow. I suggest that the website can be used to detect abnormal behavior in Haiyun observation site. With 7*24 hours observation and observation Haiyun website reported XX service, covering the site running, speed access security, etc. owners are most concerned about.

once your website may affect the search included or traffic problems, will be the first time for you to push the alarm notice and solutions. This includes safety (if there is a security vulnerability, the existence of fishing, counterfeiting, was linked to the black chain, domain name hijacking and other issues), availability (site is a normal visit, including domain name, connection exceptions, the site returns an error and other anomalies), access speed of several aspects of this.

introduction: website traffic is one of the indexes to reflect the value of the site, and a lot of the time we face site traffic dropped sharply but we do not know how to deal with? Do not know where the problem? Small before doing www.shouxuxf贵族宝贝 optimization also encountered such a situation. The following is crooked said brother here for everyone under analysis: site traffic dropped suddenly, what should we do?

is abnormal flow down

flow abnormal decline there is a very simple definition: from the search engine traffic decline more than 50%, and continued to decline for five consecutive days. So here you website the occasional small fluctuations is not an abnormally low flow, not necessary to observe a few days get excited over a little thing, a clear understanding of whether the abnormal decline.


recall website Robots whether the file has recently changed, to see whether the robots grammar mistakes or to check with love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tool under robots is in force. Whether caused by search engines are shielded, resulting in traffic crash.

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