Shanghai Longfeng goal is to make money or brand packaging

love Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that we should adjust the algorithm to the user experience as the core idea. So how do the user experience? For a railway station is the key. The beauty of Shanghai dragon Jane wrote a week "cool Shanghai dragon life, a pure mind" article are intended to illustrate a user love website, in other words, the analysis is to let us do website users. Simulation of the user’s behavior and psychological needs, all from the user’s point of view to think about the problem. The only way your website users will receive the favor, to bring you Everfount traffic, will also get a good ranking, so as to enhance the site exposure rate. Therefore, the beauty of Shanghai dragon week sigh loudly: Jane credit user experience, was also ranked.


although the Shanghai dragon is the current most popular industry, but also the most boring and most miserable job. Why are there so many people who want to enter Shanghai Longfeng this muddy water? Beauty Shanghai dragon Zhou Zhen that is all too Shanghai dragon myth, that as long as the society of Shanghai Longfeng could make a lot of money and do brand. So how do Wangzhuan and brand packaging, then beauty Shanghai Longfeng Zhou Zhen came to express their views.

and the perfect brand

chose to be Shanghai dragon, in place at the same time, we should pay more attention to the conversion rate of the site, only the conversion rate, so you can really bring profits to enterprises, so you also is the Shanghai Dragon Staff in a real sense. I also wrote an article "on the conversion for the purpose of Shanghai dragon before Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane, are bullying" importance in the article with particular emphasis on the conversion rate, interested friends can go to see the search.

two, Shanghai dragon Er goal is not only ranking, more attention should be paid to the conversion rate of

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er put the ranking is very important, every day around the ranking, if one day off where restless, even in the group asked everywhere. Yes, the ranking is very important, can enhance the site exposure rate. If so, then you also do Shanghai Longfeng are done directly for advertising on the line, as long as you have money, also do not have to worry about the


by Shanghai dragon to make money is our purpose, and not what the relationship between brands like. But go back and carefully think about, seems to really have a great relationship. Yes, money is the purpose, but if we can through the packaging of their own brand marketing, their brand started, but also worry about no money? You get the real name network marketing founder Zhu Weikun speaking! In the Internet industry who do not know Zhu Weikun a great reputation! You mentioned the real name is Zhu Weikun thought reflex or, "

three, money is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon, but should pay attention to the combination of

, want to do a website ranking, user analysis is the key to

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