Shanghai Longfeng avoid repeatability summarizes four reasons for repetitive content

acquisition is very popular, but the acquisition must have certain rules and techniques to. Complete collection is not desirable, we need to find the most relevant industries, and then move the content of our website, with some different things, and then do the original and unique. If not the only, but a large number of students will go directly to the acquisition, "

acquisition duplicate content

One of the factors of page ranking

API easy to duplicate content

website pictures more

some products of relatively large amount of Web site, often have sort of a lot of functions, such as the time arrangement, according to the sales ranking, according to the price ranking, these different sorting is completed using the dynamic parameters of URL, so URL is different, but the page content in many sorted are too similar, so also will be repeat the formation of a lot of content. You may want to consider a product if there are several different combinations of ranking, 22 queries and allowed, then the URL is dozens, if hundreds of products, thousands or even tens of thousands of products, so that the URL is quite much, for the search engine to say, this is absolutely very unfavorable.

is now Taobao customer most webmasters preferred. Many webmaster hope website and update more simple, so the use of the API site. The characteristics of this kind of site even easier access to data, the amount collected will be relatively large. But the disadvantage is also obvious that will produce large repetitive pages. Love Shanghai now for this very sensitive, many have enough known stations will be after the update is K is down right. Other industries have a similar situation, as long as the existence of a large number of homogeneous website content, it is more dangerous. For example, some music sites, websites and other novels.


produced similar

web site to achieve good included cannot have too many repetitive content, but for many sites, sometimes repetitive content seems inevitable, because no matter from the station outside the station factors or factors, whether it is pictures or product station station, a little attention will produce is too similar to the page. This paper summarize in the daily update, some sources of repetitive content, I hope to help the webmaster. Of course, not all of these reasons, I just think that some of the more important, if you have more of this summary, welcome to write to share.

station is also easy to produce some pictures of repetitive content, especially some type of B2C website, pictures etc., because the image could not be search engine grab identification, it can see the code and a few words, so many URL pages will be basically similar. These and other website content is not repeat repeat, is more than its own website, and therefore, should pay more attention to. Of course, some sites may write some ALT text notes, but this does not guarantee completely reduce the duplicate pages. The best way is to add copy, make a difference.


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