Shanghai dragon you have to let it return to pay


in the chain standard also said, to determine whether the chain is the only standard quality chain is the authenticity of the recommendation, what is true is not recommended? His hair of the chain, a good understanding of this. For example, the A5 station network, Journal of the owners of the house, get a lot of reprint, therefore, this is not true of you recommend. Therefore, the soft is >

entered the 2013, a lot of people say that is not good to do outside the chain, the chain has no effect. In fact, I see the bud, although the chain marks the introduction of direct judgment denied We used a lot of the chain resources construction. But at the same time, the construction of the chain to transparency, to the webmaster point to a hitherto unknown of the construction of the chain direction (authority, standard construction direction). Therefore, if the construction of the chain has changed, so I said, it is mature. Yes, the means of the construction of the chain should be a bit more mature. If you still want to go to the past, the chain construction of various amounts of garbage, it will fail.

remember what time I have seen an article is a metaphor of Shanghai dragon is equal with search engine love, up to now no reason. You want to pay a return, then you have to get the search engine’s favor, let it never abandon you, then you will win the war of love. So how to get the search engine with

you’re boring garbage outside the chain? Still boring do false original content? The search engine does not tell you, because you pay much effort to build the chain, update the content and give you ranking. In the view of the search engine, it only needs an excellent web site in the search engine results, rather than requiring a diligent webmaster. Shanghai dragon can adhere to is a good thing, but insisted on the use of the method, so it can do more with less. Could you still believe that there will always be paid in return, but the reality is cruel, and the search engine is real.

Shanghai dragon is a very impetuous, but also a very passionate work. The Shanghai dragon threshold is very low, thus resulting in a large number of people from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon poured into the field, because of the lack of knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, every day there are countless people to make useless. But a very sad thing, continue to pay labor, but the site did not get a point of interest. This is not to pay more than a cup. After all, we are not to pay the process is not good.


Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, I believe many of my friends are already in the palm mill fist Sassafras to enjoy this wonderful holiday. Also means that the 2013 mid to. Boring is the first Shanghai dragon came to an end, give yourself a buffer. In the first half of this year, Shanghai dragon is the climax, from the launch of the first bomb at the beginning of the year to now Scindapsus algorithm, the algorithm of search engine is updated frequently, really let the webmaster heart is hard to accept.

, the chain is not doing

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