Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis case compared with the URL layout of noise

C, "there are still many using the format layout, can be changed into modules with DIV+CSS style layout, concise code.


2, on the URL layout

page of the signal-to-noise ratio, is simply "the text and web page code content proportion, generally we require more information quantity of the website, the code more concise. Shenzhen beauty salon training website home page, you will find the following three questions.

B, involves many modules called JS, although it can improve the user experience, but will affect the crawl, and made the same mistake and CSS writing, written directly in the code, recommended for packaging.

1, "the issue of signal-to-noise ratio

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For my familiar friend, may be in my blog to sniff the Rose I was very keen for Shanghai dragon diagnosis, which is a very important reason is the different site of the Shanghai dragon diagnosis can help us improve Shanghai Longfeng ability, and let me have more and Shanghai dragon diagnosed data docking, through the details of the changes in the data to understand the change of search engine, the understanding of user search habits change, help adjust strategies.

A, CSS code directly into the web page code, especially about the head, influence web page open speed, will affect the search engine for web crawl, proposed separately, this program will.

CSS to write code in

today I want to share with you is through a case about the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng easy access. I have a friend’s site, located in Shenzhen, but for the national beauty training, investment of time and energy, a lot of money, Shanghai, the effect is not obvious, looking for me to do a simple diagnosis, I gave him some simple suggestions below:


for the layout of the URL website, a very important principle is to make the URL easier to search engines to crawl. "


many of my friends do Shanghai, the most important is to have good execution, but I think the most important thing is to choose the direction of the Shanghai dragon, in the direction of good execution, can save more time and energy to Shanghai dragon. For example, many webmaster friends do not have a good understanding of Shanghai regulations in the operation of Shanghai dragon dragon, or for the rules of understanding is not enough, it will produce deviation in the optimization of time, thus increasing the difficulty of website optimization. It is recommended that you learn "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" or "Google webmaster guidelines", from the basics, learn the most accurate Shanghai dragon, as little as possible mistakes.

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