An analysis from the statistical data analysis of how to optimize the web page

1, improve the quality of the content page. For the content page, different content to the user experience is different, there is a collection is not consistent with the user experience. Accurate, collection content, copy and paste the content only allows users away from the site, so the site content is the analysis of the user experience the main factor, and by improving the quality and creative content can instantly put website user in mind to enhance the status, the quality is not the original content can be, but also to meet the user the needs and tastes, preferences and so on, so the website optimization is the most difficult to update the quality content, quality content and affect the quality of the user experience, so I have to do.

according to the above, we can see, your bounce rate is too high, the contents of this page is not conducive to the user experience, and the average residence time is very short, so the per capita number of visits and residence time, we can roughly distinguish the user experience of the website, after the user visits the site eventually stay the page is the content page, in front of the home page and column page is of guiding role, so the user experience will be the content page ZhengZhan user experience the main reference factor. To jump out of the rate is too high, then we can optimize the following project implementation:

2, page loading speed. Can be seen from the figure, the page out rate is 100% of a large part of the reason is the page loading speed is too long, many users do not want to wait so long to open web speed, so close the page no ground for blame is inevitable, so to improve the user experience for the need to re optimize the loading speed of the page, for example, as far as possible the decrease of JS code exposure, fewer pictures content, try not to use FLASH animation and so on, these most basic steps to improve the page loading speed, plus other space such as normal browsing speed, telecom and Unicom access speed and so on need to do. In order to improve the speed of the page load preliminary, and for the user "open fast, is conducive to the user experience, like I like watching movies, open a movie to wait for a few minutes, but also broadcast a buffer"

from the first statistical tools in check each content page out rate and visitors, according to the preliminary analysis of the content page can reach a height of what in the eyes of the user. Statistical data of a station of the content page, as shown in figure

website optimization webmaster all know the quality of optimizing the content page, directly affect the search engine can not included in the content page. Many of the web page is not included, even if included also won’t have good ranking. For the use of long tail keywords to improve the traffic to the site owners, this is undoubtedly a fatal blow to my mood. So, in order to optimize the content page, content page to improve the user experience, the relationship between the weights of the ZhengZhan user experience is good or bad. Today, according to the example analysis, how to optimize the content page:

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