The chain of the era is about to be terminated the confused webmaster can see here

Since the last A5 marketing !

wrote a story about "let the chain become history: bitter days coming to an end!" article, the repercussions and controversy is very large, so many rely on the survival of the chain webmaster feel confused. However, the news that most owners think this is impossible thing, love how Shanghai may cancel the chain? If you cancel it, and how to transfer the website ranking optimization, the high weight of the stationmaster? So, on the news that A5 marketing: love doing the investigation in Shanghai for Shanghai love webmaster forum moderator Lao Lu back in mid April, and Shanghai officials love later with investigation form carries on the investigation, this is one of the.

: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official officially announced the news in the 4.28 salon, the chain era may be terminated, love Shanghai will cancel the chain or weaken the function. It should be noted here: love Shanghai or cancel the chain function (if cancelled, love Shanghai may not preserve the existing site outside the chain of quality, because once the reservation may make people try out algorithm, and being single use!), or weakening the chain function through madcon (such as hearsay: Shanghai will love foreign chain voting is further weakened, will avoid to meet the needs of users, the content, the user experience of the site and other sites of competition because the chain is inferior, ranking on the two) the Shanghai legend, love has not given a further argument, we can only wait and see see step by step. In addition, Shanghai’s official love in the salon to answer: if you cancel the chain or weaken the chain function, love Shanghai may pay more attention to Links. That is to say, the webmaster would not hard to force the chain, only need to exchange some high quality friend chain can be

, don’t in the endless chain of

might see this article webmaster will think: love the sea began to cancel the chain or weaken its function, what can we do outside the chain, do.

actually, this time there have been many webmaster see the news confused, including A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) or the intention of customers is the customer, all of a sudden I really do not know how to optimize the site, and even owners don’t think the chain will not be able to do after the website ranking. Some webmaster support love Shanghai cancel the chain function, they think the growing influence of a site is not on the outside of the chain to obtain valuable information, especially some content, the user experience of outstanding new sites, more in the chain with special channel site competition, is very weak. So, cancel the chain development can help them better. Of course, here to look at the idea of the webmaster. So, since love Shanghai has done such a survey, the future will certainly have some adjustment, if love Shanghai has the adjustment, the current owners how to optimize the next? We continue to read the.

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