The ten aspect geeks Park singularities near the summit innovator you can not miss the

yes, that once operation Tesla CEO eilon musk · Chinese debut, · singularity and detonated over jet backpack and UAV wave; innovators summit again. As geeks Park technology event once a year, this year will be the capital city of singularity conference landing China Shanghai, bringing a hitherto unknown technology experience for Jiangsu Geek.

July 15th, 16, two days, in Shanghai science and Technology Museum, a gathering of global technology leaders and business elite event is about to begin. At present, the agenda of the meeting have all been released, 2000+ professional attendees, 100+ global science and technology innovation of enterprise CEO, 500+ executives of listed companies, as well as representatives of hundreds of billions of industrial capital will launch various forms of "happiness" theme around the science and technology discussion.



below, let us look at the conference which are noteworthy aspects:

aspect one: Tesla behind the technical promoters is a kind of person?

speaking of Tesla’s success, believe that people will think of the universal · eilon Musker, for the first time; but few people noticed, behind there is a faithful in musk and hailun hand restrained technology. Without this, musk is likely lost in more than ten years ago and the field of electric vehicles, or in the most difficult business that the company lost two years. The quietly standing behind the musk is Tesla, CTO – Straw Bell (J.B. Straubel). In the previous year after the singularity conference, musk geeks park to home, again this year behind the technical expert with Tesla to Chinese, he will serve as a guest speaker to attend the conference. I believe that many viewers have heard of a recent U.S. Tesla owners accident crash death, this thing makes negative voices about Tesla up, as the Tesla technology person in charge, this pot should Tesla come back, maybe JB can give the answer.

aspect two: listen to the super high-speed rail Hyperloop One core technology to talk about future traffic

has recently overwhelming technology report, you may have to understand Hyperloop One, which has just completed the first test of super high iron company in the United States, attracting the attention of the world, people want to get a glimpse of the plane, train, the public in the future will develop into what. Technological innovation is the charm of the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style will become a reality, in May 12th the first test that day, Hyperloop One only 2 seconds, shocked the world, a 10 foot long metal lever in 1 seconds from rest to accelerate to a speed of about 186 km / h, and in 2.

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