Small Yue Yue micro inspired hot movie of Shanghai Dragon

micro film is the word for the first time I heard a lot of friends, this is a new word love Shanghai encyclopedia commentary: Micro film (Micro film), which is also known as micro film, lithography. Micro film refers to the special application for various new media platforms to play on, watch in the mobile state and the short-term leisure state, with the production of system planning and system support the integrity of the complete plot "and" micro (ultra small scale) investment video ("class" movie clips, content integration) humor funny, fashion, public education, commercial custom theme, can be a separate article, but also a series of drama. In 2005 of the 20 minutes "caused a Steamed Buns murder case" let many people see "prototype micro film".


every day to love Shanghai billboard on new trends in the network, which is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work since the formation of the habit of love, Shanghai billboard pays off, today found the network has new developments, the emergence of a strange word "Little Yue Yue micro film" Search Ranking realtime, Little Yue Yue is a popular event some time ago and is now a micro film Search hot new words in the new world ranking, the combination of new words in real time hot top means that network elements appear above. Now Yang bright high for everyone to read about, hot events and network element micro film is bound to cause the user to attract eye ball = transfer, Shanghai dragon must also follow new changes.

on the Internet.


should decide on what path to follow?

is a fifth bit micro film in the world love Shanghai billboard new rankings, up to 6168 times daily search volume:

now we look at the love Shanghai real hot search words, "Little Yue Yue micro film micro film according to the Foshan Little Yue Yue event that, is the first network according to the popular event to" hope the world a little more love, less apathy "theme micro film shoot. This micro film appeared immediately attracted the attention of a sudden strong netizen popular network, searches for a short period of time due to soaring second:

Little Yue Yue micro film is first based on the network hot events adapted micro film, made popular success, this means that the micro film era officially to the. Popular events have the characteristics of interaction and experience, in which everyone can participate in the "grassroots show" era. It’s a low door influence or super entertainment event, also named "XX", often the event has strong entertainment and speculation of the technological revolution under web3.0. So hot events will become micro film series one of the main sources, because in the information era of popular events have significant influence on the super micro film entertainment and speculation, in the forum, blog, Post Bar, micro-blog and other tools used under every corner within a short period of time spread throughout the Internet, affects hundreds of millions of users. The Internet also means that the emergence of new elements, Shanghai dragon

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